Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida (GRRSWF) has been a mainstay of dog rescue since 2009. We are an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing Goldens and golden mixes in need. Through 2020 we have saved nearly 1000 dogs, treating them all with the very best medical care, and finding exceptional forever homes and families for them.

Since 2015, GRRSWF has expanded its mission.
GRRSWF became aware of the plight of Goldens in South Korea who were suffering from the horrific practice of using dogs as a food source. The dogs are kept in appalling conditions that violate the most basic norms for humane treatment of animals.
We could not stand by and do nothing.

Goldens being transported to
Korean dog meat market.
The terrible conditions at a
Korean dog meat farm.


GRRSWF has found a way to work with a network of dedicated volunteers in Korea to save as many of these endangered animals as possible. Goldens have been found and rescued, treated medically and fostered until transportation is arranged to the U.S.
To date, 67 dogs who would otherwise have had very dim prospects for survival have been saved.
Instead, they were flown here where they were given any needed medical treatment and then placed in loving homes where they could live out their days and be treated as the precious souls that they are.

Korean rescue workers
Seungmie Lee and
Patricia Mitchell

Needless to say, the costs to care for these dogs and transport them to the Southwest Florida is significant. In the past a number of generous donors were willing to underwrite the transportation costs, or fundraisers were held and numerous people contributed what they could to a general fund for this purpose.
This year however it has become much more difficult to do that.
It is important here to point out that the efforts in this international rescue mission have never been done at the expense of the local rescue mission. No local dog in need has ever been turned away because they lacked funds due to the international mission.

GRRSWF is well aware that what we have been able to do only scratches the surface.
There are many dogs in Korea that are not saved and we mourn that fact, but we do what we can do and know that by doing it we are making a difference.
GRRSWF shines a light on the horrible practice of using dogs as a meat source, and hopefully end it sooner than later.

Many rescued Korean Goldens now serve as ambassadors for their mission,
interacting positively with the public at education and awareness events to drive home the need to save these kind souls.

GRRSWF Korean rescue coordinator,
the late Mark Dahlberg,
picking up Tessy 731 and
Sydney 732 at Tampa Airport
after their long trip from Korea
Tucker at AAH
Bo Sully

If you think these dogs are worth saving and would like to help us, please click here to donate. You can be certain that you will be instrumental in saving a Golden’s life.

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